About Us

Thanks for you interest in us, we would like to invite you to discover more about nitroquiz, and what it has to offer.

A Playground For Quiz Enthusiasts

Quizzes and puzzles are popular ways to exercise your brain. Nitroquiz is a place where quizzes and quiz lovers come together to play, learn and enjoy.

Nitroquiz is a quiz library, you can visit here to learn something new or challenge yourself with quizzes. We update the site regularly, so be sure, there's no ending to the fun.

What type of quizzes?

At the moment, We publish quizzes of basically these three types as given below.

Assessment Quizzes

These are more like q/a quizzes at school, you can test how much know about a specific topic by playing it.

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Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes help you discover a lot of wonderful things about youself, you never have before.

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Pickup Quizzes

These are combination of both assessment and personality quizzes, full of colors, images and a lot of fun

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Classic Quizzes

Classic quizzes are simple instant answer type quizzes with simple and easy layout.

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Puzzle Quizzes

Puzzle quizzes require you to solve a puzzle and fill the answer, best for spellings, riddles, number games, etc.

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Trivia Quizzes

Trivia quizzes are non-academic quizzes just for fun and entertainment, for example questions from movies etc.

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GK Quizzes

A General Knowledge quiz contains questions from wide range of topics, questions are not logically grouped.

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Can I create quizzes?

You can obviously create quizzes. Nitroquiz has been built for users like you in mind. You can create quizzes from any of the quiz types, like Assessment, Personality, Pickup or Classic. It's all free. Go through the creators guide to learn more.

I want to know more

You can use the contact form below to contact the admin for any purpose, be it a feedback, suggestions, ideas, collaboration, copyright or anything else you want to know. Just mention your purpose clearly in the subject and a valid email to reply to.

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Please use this contact form to contact us. We are here to help you with anything, a query or a feedback, even a joke, it doesn't matter, we will reply to anything.

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