Published on Dec 18, 2019

How To Create Quizzes on Nitroquiz

Nitroquiz is a quiz site, anyone can come in play and enjoy quizzes. At the same time, we have made it easy and simple for anyone and everyone to create and publish their own quizzes, the way they want. This guide will help you understand the process in detail and thus we kindly advise you to go through this guide at least once. This guide is updated each time we make notable changes on the website.

We assume you already know what quizzes are and may already have played a few sometimes before in your life. Now, if this is your first visit on, we kindly request you to go and play some of our quizzes to have a better understanding of them and the associated audience's taste.

Quizzes and types

There are many types of quizzes we publish here on Nitroquiz. Most of them are simple MCQs. The details of the available types are given below.

  1. Assessment Quizzes
  2. Personality Quizzes
  3. Pickup Quizzes
  4. Classic Quizzes
  5. Puzzle Quizzes (Upcoming) 

Assessment Quizzes

Assessment quizzes are simple multiple-choice questions, in which a user has to choose a correct option from a list of available options. The layout is dynamic and well-crafted for a better user experience. Scores are persisted for analysis and leader board.

Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are very popular on the internet. These quizzes are different from traditional MCQ quizzes in the sense, they reveal hidden facts and other details about the players which may or may not be true but are very fun to play.

A player is required to answer a few questions by picking from the list of available options that are linked to pre-defined choices. When all the questions have been answered, the pre-defined choice with the most votes is presented to the user. Play a personality quiz to learn more.

Pickup Quizzes

Pickup quizzes are totally image based instant answer type quizzes. A player is presented with pictures to identify things, places, people, colors, texts, plants, animals, etc. The player then chooses the applicable option after which the answer is revealed. The total of scores is then displayed after the user completes the quiz successfully.

Classic Quizzes

Classic quizzes are another MCQ type quizzes, very similar to Assessment Quizzes mentioned above but instead, the answers are revealed once the player finishes answering questions. Also, the scores from classic quizzes are not persisted. Classic quizzes are well suited for very short questions or very long question quizzes like word meanings or reading comprehension.

Puzzle Quizzes

Puzzle quizzes are another quiz type in which a user is required to type the answer instead of choosing an option. These quizzes are perfect for riddles, math puzzles, brain games, trick questions, etc.

Now, that you've understood the quiz types. Let's proceed with the steps to create quizzes.  Before you start you'd need to sign up for an account or login if you already have one.

  1. Login to your dashboard, using Facebook or Google or register using the signup form. 
  2. When you log in you're taken to your dashboard
  3. Complete your profile by filling out the details in the form and saving it.

Next Step

Now, after you have successfully created a quiz, you'd need to add questions to it, the steps have clearly been mentioned in the video above. Once you finish adding questions, you can preview your quiz and then submit it for review using the Publish button. The quiz will then be reviewed by the Nitroquiz team and when found compliant to all the specified standards of quiz quality and number of questions, it will be published.

Quality Guidelines

We constantly keep trying for better user experience, consistency and quality in our services and thus we have laid out these quality guidelines for quiz creators.

# Content Policy

Please note that our website and apps are used by children as well, and thus we do not allow content that is violent, abusive or sexually-explicit. Anything you publish here is reviewed before making it publicly accessible.

# No. Of Questions

There is a minimum number of questions specified for each quiz for consistency. In order for your quiz to be reviewed, make sure you have the specified no of questions within your quizzes before you submit it for a review. The lower and the upper limit are separated by dashes.

  1. Assessment Quizzes:  15-50 Questions
  2. Personality Quizzes:   06-12 Questions
  3. Pickup Quizzes:  10-15 Questions
  4. Classic Quizzes:   10-50 Questions
  5. Puzzle Quizzes:   05-10 Questions

# Spelling & Grammar

There are a number of quizzes we review every day and many of them lack the proper spelling and grammar. Though it's not a serious requirement and we make corrections wherever needed and that is a lot of work so we thought, should inform you at least. Quizzes with good grammar are reviewed and published faster and also perform amazingly well among users.

Final Words

We have tried to explain most of the steps and processes in order for creating quizzes online on, still, there are few things and we leave those for you to discover and explore, Nitroquiz is a work in progress and we frequently make new changes to our site for better user experience and service. If you have any questions or doubts you are free to comment or use the contact form. We will try to respond as early as possible.

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