Creating Quizzes is Easier Than You Think

We have made it easier for anyone to create and publish quizzes on nitroquiz, you can start by reading this content guidelines. For more information on quiz types and what's so special about them. You can view the detailed post by clicking the button below..

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Content Guidelines

Nitroquiz is a kid friendly quiz site and every content we publish here is child friendly as well. We have made this guidelines for creators to make sure their post or publication or any other content (images, videos, comments etc.,) complies with these guidelines. We review every content that a user posts on our site and anything that violate these guidelines is simply removed.

  • Spam : No spamming or spamy content
  • Threats of violence and incitement : We do not allow content or actions that threaten, encourage, or incite violence against anyone, directly or indirectly.
  • Ads, Promotions, and Marketing : We do not allow content or promotions of any sort.
  • Embedded Content : We do not allow embedded contents that collect user data through fields.
  • Sexually explicit content : We strictly prohibit any content that depicts sexual activity or nudity of any sort.
  • Duplicate Content : We do not allow duplicated contents that are already avialable or published on the site.
  • Copyright or trademark infringement: We do not allow any content that violates fair use, whether it's a post, image or a video. Any content that we find or are reported about, we just remove it.

How do I start?

  • Step 1 : Register for an account on
  • Step 2 : Confirm your email and Login into your dashboard
  • Step 3 : Complete and save your profile
  • Step 4 : You are now ready to post and publish quizzes.

Quiz Types

There are various quiz types that we publish quizzes to. These types are namely

Assessment Quizzes
Assessment quizzes are academic quizzes, they are simple and fast and provide instant feedback. Try some of our assessment quizzes.
Personality Quizzes
Personality quizzes are feedback quizzes, you choose some options, we analyze it and then give you the feedback. These quizzes are very popular on the internet. Try some of our Personality quizzes to feel them.
Pickup Quizzes
Pickup quizzes are quizzes with pictures, you just pick an option, you get a feedback. Theseq quizzes are best suited for questions and options with images. Try some of our Pickup quizzes to feel them.
Classic Quizzes
Classic quizzes are similar to assessment quizzes with different layout best suited for long questions and options. Try some of our Classic quizzes to feel them.
Puzzle Quizzes
Puzzle quizzes are quizzes where instead of choosing options, a user needs to type it. These quizzes are best suited for riddles, word puzzles, math puzzles etc. Check out some of our Puzzle quizzes to learn more.
Trivia Quizzes
Trivia quizzes are non-academic trivial quizzes, generally related to Movies, Music, TV Shows or any other non-academic questions. Check out some of our Trivia quizzes to learn more.
GK Quizzes
General Knowledge quizzes contain questions from wide range of topics. The questions may or may not be related to any specific subject. Check out some of our GK quizzes to learn more.

Final Words

Checkout the post How to create a quiz for a detailed explanation on how to create quizzes.