Published on Nov 17, 2019

What Makes Quizzes an Effective Learning Tool

The internet has made quizzes more accessible, fun and popular, everyone enjoys it. Whether you're a learner or someone looking for easy entertainment, quizzes are the best choices. Quizzes specifically related to a subject helps your brain organize the stuffs well and also retain what you learned.

Quizzes and quizzing techniques have evolved much from the olden days. There are various types of quizzes to assess your learning, other types to assess your personality, some others help you improve your memory and attention and many more.

Nowadays, many brands and businesses use quizzes to promote products, engage their customers and increase brand awareness which in turn increases their sales and revenue. So, you can understand how powerful quizzes are. In this post, you'll learn about some of the great reasons that make quizzes a great learning tool. 

Quizzes are interactive

The number one reason for what makes quizzes so great is that they are interactive. You just don't sit and watch, you respond, constantly and this is what makes learning possible. Take it this way, even when you know all the basics and all the theories behind riding a bicycle, you simply won't be able to ride one until you actually try to, and that's how it works.

Online quizzes are dynamic and more expressive, from layouts to animated micro-interactions enhances the user experience and the level of interactivity and this is what makes them a popular choice.

Quizzes provide us feedback

The other reason is that quizzes, like any other test, provide us quality feedback that helps us understand our weaknesses well. It tells us what we need to improve so far and this feedback helps us figure out the gaps in our learning. This is what makes quizzes an effective medium of knowledge transfer.

Nowadays, quizzes specifically the one you play on your computer,  have become realtime, you get the feedback as and when you need it. Your scores, choices and other key variables are stored for analysis. These variables when put on to a chart clearly visualizes your progress over time and let you track your learning flow.

Quizzes are engaging

Our brains' reward systems, a group of neural structures responsible for motivation and desires, are triggered in response to the positive or negative feedback we get, whether in terms of scores, popularity or other achievements. This makes a player more and more motivated and eager to try again and again. This excitement continues even after a player achieves what he wants and keeps him engaged.

In an online quiz, there are a large number of participants playing at the same time. This adds another level of excitement, especially when players compete with each other for the topmost position on the leaderboard. So online quizzes in a way are more engaging and fun.


Quizzes are simple and effective, another reason why it's so popular, from textbooks to classrooms, to live shows that pay you money. Many studies have revealed that quizzes enhance learning and creativity and this is why we chose to make this quiz site.

At, we understand how creative learning works and thus we constantly try to make our quizzes more interactive, fun, engaging and useful. If you any have suggestions or feedback, please comment below or use the contact form on the about page.

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