The Basics of the Internet Quiz

  • Questions : 10
  • Duration : 02:00s


The basics of the internet quiz tests your knowledge about the internet and its applications, things like web browsers, protocols, famous websites and services, search engines etc. The quiz level is set to 'easy' with timeout limit of 120 Seconds. You need to complete the quiz within the specified time in order for us to calculate your marks based on your answers.

Basic Rules

  • It is necessary to answer all the questions to successfully complete the quiz.
  • There is no choice to skip a question, you will have to choose an answer anyway.
  • There is no choice to move between questions, once you answer a question it is final.
  • When you refresh/reload a question page, the position of the option may change.
  • This is not an instant feedback type quiz meaning you will only get correct answers and your choices after you complete the quiz.
It is mandatory to be logged in before you start the quiz in order for us to be able to persist your scores for comparison or statistics. If you do not you can still play the quiz and get the correct answers but we won't be able to store your scores.

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