The Fundamentals of Astronomical Science Quiz

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Astronomy is the scientific study of everything outside the atmosphere whether its space, time, star systems, galaxies, black holes, supernova etc. It is the oldest of science and the most fascinating one.

We have many space observatories on ground and many floating around in space recording and sending tons of astronomical data day in and out. These data is then analyzed by scientists around the world for valuable information.

Just think of those movies where there are spaceships, new planets, alien lives, black holes etc. Astronomy is that cool and maybe one day who knows we'll have our own spaceships.

In this simple quiz, you would have to answer a few very basic questions related to the topics mentioned above and also make sure you complete the quiz to unlock the answers.

Basic Rules

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  • This is not an instant feedback type quiz meaning you will only get correct answers and your choices after you complete the quiz.
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