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HTML is a markup language, a language used to convey meanings with special syntax for controlling the behavior or presentation. A web browser is a most common and popular software program used to read parse and display html pages.

Every page you see on the web is structured with the HTML. It is also the simplest of all languages to learn and was created by the creator of the web Sir Tim Berners-Lee in 1991.

In this simple quiz on HTML you will be asked questions related to this language and its components likes tags and attributes .

Basic Rules

  • It is necessary to answer all the questions to successfully complete the quiz.
  • There is no choice to skip a question, you will have to choose an answer anyway.
  • There is no choice to move between questions, once you answer a question it is final.
  • When you refresh/reload a question page, the position of the option may change.
  • This is not an instant feedback type quiz meaning you will only get correct answers and your choices after you complete the quiz.
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