Published 24 Nov, 2019

Animals and Their Babies Names Quiz

by Nitroquiz Official

Some animals and their babies are called by different names, this simple quiz that will help you test your knowledge on this same topic and also help you learn it well. The names of the animals are given in the question, pick the names of their babies.

1. Ant

A. Antigua
B. Antling
C. Infant
D. Antman

2. Ape

A. Infant
B. Kid
C. Baby Ape
D. Gorilla

3. Bat

A. Wombat
B. Pup
C. Tab
D. Cub

4. Bear

A. Calf
B. Cub
C. Hatchling
D. Baby Bear

5. Cat

A. Kitten
B. Puppy
C. Lamb
D. Puggle

6. Chicken

A. Cygnet
B. Chick
C. Tadpole
D. Larva

7. Cow

A. Puppy
B. Foal
C. Calf
D. Fawn

8. Crocodile

A. Whelp
B. Porcupette
C. Aligator
D. Hatchling

9. Crow

A. Pup
B. Omelette
C. Chick
D. Owlet

10. Deer

A. Lamb
B. Fawn
C. Sheep
D. Gosling

11. Dog

A. Kennel
B. Puppy
C. Kitten
D. Pug

12. Duck

A. Pup
B. Goose
C. Chick
D. Duckling

13. Eagle

A. Eaglet
B. Eagler
C. Hawk
D. Beagle

14. Falcon

A. Eyas
B. Folks
C. Eaglet
D. Infant

15. Fox

A. Cygnet
B. Kitten
C. Kit
D. Pinky

16. Frog

A. Fishlet
B. Tadpole
C. Larvae
D. Peachick

17. Giraffe

A. Calf
B. Pug
C. Spat
D. Puffling

18. Goat

A. Calf
B. Lamb
C. Kid
D. Fawn

19. Goose

A. Gosling
B. Duckling
C. Eyas
D. Puffling

20. Horse

A. Calf
B. Eft
C. Ephyra
D. Foal

21. Kangaroo

A. Joey
B. Kid
C. Kangroe
D. Kitten

22. Owl

A. Chick
B. Owlet
C. Pup
D. Gosling

23. Pig

A. Poult
B. Piglet
C. Piggy
D. Kid

24. Platypus

A. Leveret
B. Kitty
C. Platypup
D. Pup

25. Rabbit

A. Hare
B. Rub
C. Cub
D. Bunny

26. Rat

A. Pup
B. Whelp
C. Eaglet
D. Puggle

27. Sheep

A. Fawn
B. Lamb
C. Calf
D. Colt

28. Snake

A. Hatchling
B. Wormy
C. Snakelet
D. Keet

29. Swan

A. Cygnet
B. Owlet
C. Duckling
D. Gosling

30. Turkey

A. Chick
B. Gosling
C. Poult
D. Duckling



You have answered 0 out of 30 questions correctly in first attempts.

Remaining questions to answer : 30
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