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Common English Words & Their Antonyms Quiz

Published on 19 Nov 2019  |  Last Updated 09 Mar 2020

by Nitroquiz Official

1. Absent

A. Pre-occupied
B. Present

2. Abundant

A. Plentiful
B. Scarce

3. Above

A. Bottom
B. Below

4. Accept

A. Decline
B. Receive

5. Abolish

A. Abrogate
B. Establish

6. Ascend

A. Descend
B. Climb

7. Accurate

A. Exact
B. Inaccurate

8. Admit

A. Confess
B. Deny

9. Advantage

A. Benefit
B. Disadvantage

10. Always

A. Never
B. Sometimes

11. Ally

A. Friend
B. Enemy

12. Ancient

A. Modern
B. Latest

13. Approve

A. Disapprove
B. Preapprove

14. Apart

A. Together
B. Closer

15. Appear

A. Invisible
B. Disappear

16. Artificial

A. Natural
B. Synthetic

17. Arrive

A. Depart
B. Reach

18. Attractive

A. Unattractive
B. Repulsive

19. Awake

A. Asleep
B. Vigilant

20. Amateur

A. Newbie
B. Professional

21. Apparent

A. Obscure
B. Evident

22. Argue

A. Agree
B. Dispute

23. Arrogant

A. Egotistic
B. Humble

24. Attack

A. Save
B. Defend

25. Amusing

A. Pleasing
B. Boring

26. Back

A. Forward
B. Front

27. Bad

A. Good
B. Great

28. Begin

A. End
B. Last

29. Before

A. After
B. Then

30. Bent

A. Straight
B. Unbent

31. Best

A. Worst
B. Finest

32. Bitter

A. Sweet
B. Sour

33. Black

A. White
B. Gray

34. Bless

A. Curse
B. Enchant

35. Blame

A. Praise
B. Worship

36. Blunt

A. Sharp
B. Shining

37. Borrow

A. Gift
B. Lend

38. Bottom

A. Top
B. Above

39. Brief

A. Long
B. Short

40. Bright

A. Dull
B. Dim

41. Broad

A. Narrow
B. Wide

42. Buy

A. Sell
B. Give

43. Build

A. Destroy
B. Crack

44. Busy

A. Not Busy
B. Idle

45. Brave

A. Healthy
B. Coward

46. Big

A. Small
B. Little

47. Better

A. Worst
B. Good

48. Bind

A. Unbind
B. Inbind

49. Ban

A. Unban
B. Forbid

50. Belated

A. Early
B. Late



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