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Popular Discoveries and Inventions GK

Published on 23 Dec 2019  |  Last Updated 09 Mar 2020

by Nitroquiz Official

1. Who invented ‘Helicopter’?

A. Frank Whittle
B. Breguet
C. Cockrell
D. Otis

2. Who is the founder of quantum theory of radiation?

A. S. N. Bose
B. Plank
C. Bohr
D. Einstein

3. The study of Drugs and their action is known as

A. Paleozoology
B. Paleontology
C. Pharmacy
D. Pharmacology

4. Who is the inventor of the Web?

A. Bill Gates
B. Mike Sendall
C. Ted Nelson
D. Tim Berners-Lee

5. Who invented aeroplane?

A. Sir Frank Whittle
B. Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright
C. Michael Faraday
D. Christian Huygens

6. Who invented penicillin?

A. Alexander Fleming
B. Edward Jenner
C. Dresser
D. Louis Pasteur

7. Bacteria was first discovered by

A. A. V. Leeuwenhoek
B. Robert Koch
C. Robert Hooke
D. Louis Pasteur

8. Who build the first modern motorcar?

A. Henry Ford
B. Daimler
C. Karl Benz
D. Henry Austin

9. The purity of Milk is determined by

A. Stalagmometer
B. Thermometer
C. Hydrometer
D. Lactometer

10. Blood groups were discovered by

A. Weismann
B. Morgan
C. William Harvey
D. Landsteiner

11. Cresco graph was invented by

A. P. C. Roy
B. S. N. Bose
C. P. C. Mahalanobis
D. J. C. Bose

12. Who discovered cement?

A. Joseph Aspdin
B. Albertus Magnus
C. Janseen
D. Agassit

13. Who invented vaccination for ‘Small Pox’?

A. Edward Jenner
B. Louis Pasteur
C. Sir Fredrick Grant Banting
D. Sir Alexander Fleming

14. The computer was invented by

A. Babbage
B. Maxwell
C. Faraday
D. Bill gates

15. IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Technique was first devised by

A. Dr. Henry Dixon
B. Robertson
C. Dr. Martin Cooper
D. Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards



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