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The Plants World Facts & Myths GK

Published on 22 Dec 2019  |  Last Updated 09 Mar 2020

by Rohit Verma

1. What are the biggest plants?

A. Lichend
B. Seawood
C. Ferns
D. Trees

2. The giant sequoia tree in California is the world's biggest living thing. It is

A. 138 feet
B. 272 feet
C. 360 feet
D. 505 feet

3. What are the pipes that carry a tree's water called?

A. Reeds
B. Pipes
C. Xylem
D. Phloem

4. One who studies about plants and their medicinal properties is known as

A. A vegetarian
B. A herbalist
C. A botanist
D. A plantain

5. Which are the world's oldest trees?

A. Ferns
B. Moss
C. Liverwort
D. Algae

6. Where did potatoes come from originally?

A. Ireland
B. England
C. India
D. South America

7. What poison do foxgloves contain?

A. Arsenic
B. Cyanide
C. digitalis
D. None of the above

8. Where is the world's biggest rainforest in?

A. India
B. America
C. Brazil
D. Australia

9. What grass would you find on sand dunes?

A. Sedge grass
B. Rye grass
C. Marram grass
D. None of the grass

10. A prickly desert plant is commonly known as

A. Half-man
B. Half women
C. Full man
D. Full women

11. How often does it rain in Chile's Atacama desert?

A. 5 years
B. 20 years
C. 400 years
D. 200 years

12. Which berries row on mountains?

A. Crowberries
B. Gooseberries
C. Blueberries
D. All of them

13. Which flower blooms nearest the south pole?

A. Snowdrop
B. Bluebell
C. Arctic poppy
D. Rafflesia

14. Which is the world's biggest flower?

A. Sunflower
B. Lotus
C. Camellia
D. Rafflesia

15. Which of the following plant do we obtain sugar from?

A. Timber
B. Oak
C. Sugarcane
D. Conifers



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