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The Basics of Current Electricity Quiz

Published on 14 Nov 2019  |  Last Updated 09 Mar 2020

by Nitroquiz Official

1. Which of the following is the most useful form of energy?

A. Heat
B. Electricity
C. Light
D. Sound

2. Which of the following best describes an electric current?

A. Flow of atoms
B. Flow of protons
C. Flow of electrons
D. Flow of photons

3. The materials that allow the electric current to pass through them are called

A. Insulators
B. Batteries
C. Capacitors
D. Conductors

4. The materials that do not allow an electric current to pass through them are called

A. Insulators
B. Condutors
C. Wires
D. Rubbers

5. Which of the following devices can be charged to store electricity

A. Resistors
B. Wires
C. Batteries
D. Bulbs

6. Which of the following devices convert Chemical energy into Electrical energy

A. Resistors
B. Batteries
C. Wires
D. Switches

7. The type of cells that once used cannot be recharged again are called

A. Primary Cell
B. Secondary Cell
C. Dead Cell
D. Discharged Cell

8. The devices that convert solar energy into electrical energy are called

A. Batteries
B. Solar Cells
C. Primary Cells
D. Secondary Cells

9. The electricity generated using the potential energy of moving water is termed as

A. Static Electricity
B. Thermal Electricity
C. Water Electricity
D. Hydro Electricity

10. Which of the following physicist first demonstrated the relationship between electricity and magnetism

A. James Clerk Maxwell
B. Hans Christian Oerested
C. André-Marie Ampère
D. Thomas Edison

11. The standard unit for measuring the current in a wire is

A. Volts
B. Amperes
C. Coulombs
D. Joules

12. A type of current that that only flows in one direction unlike AC is called

A. Unidirectional Current
B. Alternating Current (AC)
C. Direct Current DC
D. Reverse Current



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