Published 14 Nov, 2019

The Head of the Solar Family Quiz

by Nitroquiz Official

The Head of the Solar Family quiz is a quiz to test your knowledge specifically about the Sun and its features. There are a lot of things we still need to know about that big ball of fire and the source of life and energy on our planet earth. There are researches going on, new probes, satellites, and telescopes all doing their job to extract more information about it. Play the quiz and find out how much do you know about it.

1. Which of the following is a primary source of energy on earth

A. Coal
B. Petroleum
C. Nuclear Plants
D. Sun

2. Which of the following length units is actually described as the average distance between the Sun and the Earth

A. Parsec
B. Kilometer
C. Lightyear
D. Astronomical Unit

3. Which of the following figures correctly denotes the average distance between the Sun and the Earth

A. 1 Billion Kilometers
B. 20 Thousand Kilometers
C. 149.6 Million Kilometers
D. 229 Million Kilometers

4. Which of the following nuclear process within the Sun is responsible for such a huge quantity production

A. Nuclear Fusion
B. Nuclear Fission
C. Nuclear Combustion
D. Nuclear Vibration

5. The amount of power that the Sun deposits per unit area that is directly exposed to sunlight is known as

A. Solar Radiation
B. Solar Energy
C. Solar Constant
D. UV Rays

6. The deepest layer of the solar atmosphere, when directly be looked and analyzed from the Earth is termed as

A. Ionosphere
B. Photosphere
C. Sundial
D. Tacholine

7. Which of the following elements is the Sun primarily composed of

A. Carbon & NItrogen
B. Iron, Nickel & Cobalt
C. Radon & Argon
D. Hydrogen & Helium

8. Which of the following ways does the heat from the Sun reach the Earth

A. Conduction
B. Convection
C. Radiation
D. Propulsion

9. How much time on average does it take for the light from the sun to reach the Earth

A. 8 Minutes 20 Seconds
B. 1 Hours 23 Minutes
C. 1 Minutes 10 Seconds
D. 5 Minutes 0 Seconds

10. Which of the following colors does the Sun radiate more In the visible spectrum

A. Black
B. Blue
C. Green
D. Yellow



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