Published 12 Aug, 2019

The One Word Substitution For Sentences Part 1

by Nitroquiz Official

Expand your vocabulary with one word substitution for sentences by answering these simple questions. This is one of many english gk quiz series on nitroquiz.

1. What do we call a something which can never be erased or removed?

A. Unerasable
B. Indelible
C. Inevitable
D. Carved

2. A speech delivered without former preparation of any sort called

A. Extempore
B. Readymade
C. Unprepared
D. Articulated

3. What do we call a thing which is no longer produced or used?

A. Unusable
B. Obsolete
C. End
D. Broken

4. What is the one word for a trait or characteristics pertaining or belonging to an individual by birth?

A. Congenital
B. Heritage
C. Legend
D. Right

5. One word for something that's old but cool

A. Golden
B. Supercool
C. Special
D. Retro

6. One word for thing that cannot be avoided?

A. Unbailable
B. Inevitable
C. Universal
D. Cosmic

7. One thing that's not clear enough to read or not readable?

A. Illegible
B. Unreadable
C. Unclear
D. Smudged

8. One thing that is to strong to overcome?

A. Invincible
B. Unbreakable
C. Marvellous
D. Legendary

9. One word for the original inhabitants of a country

A. Aborigines
B. Immigrant
C. Resident
D. Indigenous

10. One word for a thing designed to give pleasure through beauty

A. Aesthetic
B. Joyous
C. Mindful
D. Aristic

11. Animals that can live on both land and water

A. Reptiles
B. Aquatic
C. Amphibians
D. Insects

12. A heavy mass of snow falling downhill with noise is known as

A. Glacier
B. Snow Fall
C. Wild Rain
D. Avalanche

13. A pot or article made of clay hardened by heat is called

A. Plastic
B. Polymer
C. Thermo-setting Plastic
D. Ceramic

14. A land surrounded by majority of waters around its borders is known as

A. Island
B. Continent
C. Penisula
D. Landlocked

15. A word formed by manipulating order of letters is called

A. Wording
B. Anagram
C. Synonym
D. Idioms

16. One who moved or settled in a different country is called

A. Tourist
B. Aliens
C. Immigrants
D. Natives

17. A personal who speaks several languages fluently is called

A. Knowledgeable
B. Fluent
C. Polygot
D. Mindful

18. One word for an individual pretending to be something he is not

A. Fascitious
B. Copycat
C. Imitating
D. Impersonating

19. One who is present everywhere

A. Punctual
B. Eternal
C. Omnipresent
D. Everywhere

20. One thing that existed and is existing forever is known as

A. Eternal
B. Eccentric
C. Precious
D. Timeless



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