Published 17 Jun, 2019

The Words and Meanings Test Series Set 1

by Nitroquiz Official

The Words and Meanings Test Series helps you learn new words and meanings in an easy way, you just choose an option you think is right and you then get the answer.

This is a very simple quiz that helps you expand your vocabulary. Play the quiz and learn more. This is the first part of the series.

1. "John is an amiable person", what does amiable mean?

A. Selfish
B. Friendly

2. "Whenever he cries, his mother feeds him a cake to appease him", what does appease mean?

A. Angry
B. Satisfy

3. "Candor is a very special quality in life", what does candor mean?

A. Honesty
B. Happiness

4. "It was another aprobation for that successful plan", what does approbation means

A. Praise
B. Problem

5. "They were talking in an undertone", what does undertone mean?

A. Loud, sharp and clear
B. Mumble

6. "People at the party were astound by his presence", What does astound mean?

A. Amazed
B. Ashamed

7. "Mary used colors to accentuate the words in the text", What does accentuate mean?

A. Cover
B. Highlight

8. "Although his job is boring and monotonous he stills prefers it than his past one", What does monotonous means?

A. Repetitious
B. Difficult

9. "Unlike his friend, he is best known for his fidelity", What does fiedlity mean?

A. Faithfulness
B. Smartness

10. "People were waiting to listen his lurid story", What does lurid mean?

A. Fantasy
B. Shocking



You have answered 0 out of 10 questions correctly in first attempts.

Remaining questions to answer : 10
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