Published 21 Apr, 2020

The General Science GK Quiz Set-2

by Nitroquiz Official | GK Quiz

Science is not a course, as said by Einstein, it's a refinement of everyday thinking. It originated from our curiosities to learn and explore nature and the world. So far we have discovered various fundamental truths of nature, fundamental laws and limits are a few of them. There's so much more know and our existence and the gift of conscious thinking will only be meaningful as long as we use them to explore more and make lives worth living.

This is another science quiz set equally with a range of questions from physics and chemistry. Take the quiz and find out how much of science you know.

1. Which of the following materials is a good conductor of heat but a bad conductor of electricity?
A. Silver
B. Iron
C. Mica
D. Nichrome
2. Which of the following chemicals are also known as a wood spirit?
A. Methanol
B. Ethanol
C. Propanonl
D. Butanol
3. Which of the following gas is filled inside an electric bulb to slow down the evaporation of the tungsten filament?
A. Oxygen
B. Chlorine
C. Nitrogen
D. Argon
4. Which of the following element has the lowest melting point?
A. Hydrogen
B. Helium
C. Mercury
D. Bromine
5. Which of the following element has the highest melting point?
A. Iron
B. Tungsten
C. Carbon
D. Cobalt
6. Which of the following elements has the highest number of stable isotopes?
A. Tin
B. Hydrogen
C. Cesium
D. Carbon
7. Which of the following polymers are used for manufacturing bullet-proof glass?
A. Polyvinyl Chloride
B. Polyamide
C. Polyethelene
D. Polycarbonates
8. Which of the following substances can be used to remove the permanent hardness of water?
A. Baking Soda
B. Washing Soda
C. Sulphuric Acid
D. Kerosene
9. Which of the following is a bad conductor of electricity?
A. Iron
B. Silver
C. Calcium
D. Distilled Water
10. Which element is not present in nitric acid?
A. Hydrogen
B. Lithium
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen
11. Which is the most reactive non-metal?
A. Chlorine
B. Sulfur
C. Fluorine
D. Iodine
12. Which of the following constitute the highest percentage of greenhouse gases?
A. Methane
B. Water Vapor
C. Carbon Dioxide
D. Nitrous Oxide
13. Who invented the first dry cell battery?
A. Carl Gassner
B. Alessandro Volta
C. Andre Marei de Ampere
D. George Lechlanche
14. Which is the SI magnetic flux?
A. Tesla
B. Weber
C. Candela
D. Volt
15. Which of the following is not a ferromagnetic material?
A. Iron
B. Nickel
C. Cobalt
D. Chromium
16. Which smelling agent is mixed within the gas inside cooking gas cylinders to detect leaks?
A. Chlorine
B. Hydrogen Sulphide
C. Ethyl Mercaptan
D. Propane
17. The energy transferred between two systems by virtue of temperature difference is known as?
A. Kinetic Energy
B. Heat Energy
C. Potential Energy
D. Sound Energy
18. Which of the following metals is the densest metal of all?
A. Gold
B. Platinum
C. Tungsten
D. Osmium
19. What is the SI unit of the refractive power of a lens?
A. Candela
B. Angstrom
C. Dioptre
D. Naut
20. Which of the following instruments can be used to detect the direction of current flow?
A. Ammeter
B. Voltmeter
C. Galvanometer
D. Potentiometer
21. Which law states the relationship between the voltage and current in a conductor at constant temperature?
A. Kirchhoff's Voltage Law
B. Ampere's Circuital Law
C. Coulombs Law
D. Ohm's Law
22. The process of producing electric current through relative motion between a magnet and a coil is known as?
A. Mutual Induction
B. Eddy Current
C. Electromagnetic Induction
D. Dynamo Effect
23. The production of an electromotive force in a circuit by a change in the current in an adjacent circuit linked to the first by the flux lines of a magnetic field is known as?
A. Electromagnetic Induction
B. Magnetic Induction
C. Mutual Induction
D. Self Induction
24. Which of the following devices convert electric signals to electromagnetic waves?
A. Transformer
B. Speaker
C. Anteena
D. Bulb
25. A type of material that is weakly repelled by magnets is known as?
A. Ferromagnetic Material
B. Anti-Ferromagnetic Material
C. Diamagnetic Material
D. Half Magnetic Material
26. A type of material that is strongly attracted by a magnet is called?
A. Ferromagnetic Material
B. Anti-Ferromagnetic Material
C. Diamagnetic Material
D. Paramagnetic Material
27. What happens to the conductivity of a semiconductor when the temperature is increased?
A. Conductivity Remains Same
B. Conductivity Increases
C. Conductivity Decreases
D. None of these
28. A type of material whose conductivity can be altered through doping other materials are known as?
A. Superconductors
B. Pure Conductors
C. Semiconductors
D. Insulators
29. The rate at which electric energy is consumed or dissipated in an electric circuit is known as?
A. Power
B. Current Flow
C. Voltage
D. Speed
30. Which is the most widely used semiconductor material?
A. Germanium
B. Silicon
C. Arsenic
D. Boron

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