Published 13 May, 2020

The World Geography Quiz

by Nitroquiz Official | GK Quiz

This is a basic quiz on world geography, the questions range from rivers, lakes oceans, ponds, hills, mountains, and places. These questions very common and frequently do appear in various exams. If you're a student this quiz will help you test or expand your geography knowledge.

1. Which is the most abundant element on Earth's crust?
A. Aluminium
B. Iron
C. Oxygen
D. Silicon
2. Which of the following is the biggest island in the Indian ocean?
A. Sri Lanka
B. Maldives
C. Madagascar
D. Sumatra
3. Which is the deepest lake in the world?
A. Lake Baikal
B. Crater Lake
C. Nyasa
D. Caspian Sea
4. Which is the most hypersaline lake in the world?
A. Lake Baikal
B. Salton SEa
C. Dead Sea
D. Lake Vanda
5. Which is the largest sea in the world?
A. Coral Sea
B. Phillipine Sea
C. Arabian Sea
D. South China Sea
6. The largest volume and mass of the Earth is concentrated in?
A. Crust
B. Mantle
C. Outer Core
D. Inner Core
7. Which of the following currents has a warming influence on the neighboring coasts?
A. Benguela
B. Agulhas
C. Canaries
D. Oyasio
8. Which layer of the atmosphere reflects radio waves?
A. Exosphere
B. Ionosphere
C. Stratorsphere
D. Troposphere
9. Which layer of the Earth's atmosphere contains dust particles and water vapours?
A. Stratorsphere
B. Troposphere
C. Ionosphere
D. Mesosphere
10. A strong ocean current that brings warm water from the Gulf of Mexico into the Atlantic Ocean is known as?
A. Hot Stream
B. Gulf Stream
C. Warm Stream
D. Polar Stream
11. Which is the largest country by area in the world?
A. United States
B. Canada
C. Russia
D. Australia
12. Which of the following countries has the lowest population density?
A. United States
B. Russia
C. Mongolia
D. China
13. Fuels formed from the remains of dead plants and animals are known as?
A. Natural Fuels
B. Green Fuels
C. Artificial Fuels
D. Fossil Fuels
14. Which of the following is not a fossil fuel?
A. Coal
B. Petroleum
C. Natural Gas
D. Wood
15. The drainage pattern developed on folded sedimentary rock is termed as?
A. Trellis
B. Dendritic
C. Radial
D. Deranged
16. At what time of the year, Sun is farthest from the Earth?
A. 30th January
B. December 22nd
C. September 22nd
D. 4th July
17. Which is the world's largest mountain range?
A. The Andes
B. Rocky Mountains
C. Transantarctic Mountains
D. Himalayas
18. The amazon rain forest is located in which of the following continents?
A. Asia
B. Australia
C. Europe
D. South America
19. Which is the largest river in the world by the volume of water it carries?
A. Nile
B. Amazon
C. Brahmputra
D. Yangtze
20. In which ocean does the Amazon river finally flow into?
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Indian Ocean
C. Arctic Ocean
D. Atlantic Ocean
21. Which is the driest place on Earth?
A. Sahara Desert
B. Thar Desert
C. Atacama Desert
D. Arabian Desert
22. Which is the wettest place on Earth by annual rainfall?
A. Big Bog Maui, Hawaii
B. Cherrapunji, India
C. Mawsynram, India
D. Tutunendo, Colombia
23. Which is the largest desert in the world?
A. Sahara Desert
B. Thar Desert
C. Antarctic Desert
D. Gobi Desert
24. Which is the highest mountain peak in the world?
A. Mount Everest
B. Mont Blan
C. Kangchenjunga
D. Andes
25. Which is the coldest place on Earth?
A. Antarctica
B. Oymyakon
C. Greenland
D. Australia
26. A smaller river that flows into another river is known as?
A. Lake
B. Tributary
C. Pond
D. Stream
27. Which is the only country in South America with both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean coastlines?
A. Colombia
B. Chile
C. Brazil
D. Venezuela
28. Which is the most populous landlocked country in the world?
A. Uganda
B. Ethiopia
C. Niger
D. Chad
29. Which is the largest landlocked country in the world?
A. Kazakhstan
B. Bolivia
C. Mongolia
D. Turkmenistan
30. Which of the following rivers crosses the equator twice?
A. Nile
B. Amazon
C. Congo
D. Ganges

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