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How Well Do You Know The Planet Mars

Published on 13 Mar 2020  |  Last Updated 13 Mar 2020
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Ever since humans have been able to watch beyond the sky, they have always imagined their lives beyond Earth. This is where our journey of space exploration starts. Team of great scientists, engineers and space agencies have been making rapid progress in this field and.will continue to do so.

Mars is the second most hospitable planet to life after Earth and it has always captured our imagination and thoughts as if it were a part of our destiny. From stories to science fiction movies, there's nothing untouched by it. In the upcoming years we might see the first man ever landing on the Red Planet and this will be the another great milestone for all of humanity.

Play this Martian trivia quiz and see how much you already know about Mars.

Which is the fourth planet from the Sun?
The planet Mars is also known as
The equatorial diameter of Mars is about
How many moons does Mars have?
How many Earth years does it take for Mars to complete one revolution around the Sun?
How long does it take for the planet Mars to complete one full rotation on its axis?
Which was the first space craft to land successfully on Mars?
How many manned missions have been there to Mars so far?
The highest mountain in the entire solar system which is located on Mars is called
The average global temperature of Mars is about
Which martian moon is predicted to collide with the martian surface within 30 to 50 million years?
The atmospheric pressure on Mars is only about ________ that of the Earth?
Mars is the _______________ smallest planet in our solar system?
The inclination of Mars on its orbital plane is about
The surface of the Mars has a distinctive orange-reddish color because it is mostly made up of
Which of the following gases is the main component of the Martian atmosphere?
What is the minimum distance between Earth and Mars?
Who was the first person to watch the planet Mars with a telescope?
Which was the first land rover to be landed on Mars?
Which of the following rovers actually confirmed the presence of water on Mars?

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